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You don't have to rush around the city or align yourself to others ...

Have you ever been on a trip where the someone kept telling the dry news at the front, you went from town to museum while there just wasn’t enough time left for what you would have interested in the most…?

When you ONLY want to sit in a cozy square with a frothy cappuccino, but had to keep an eye on the all the time so you didn’t miss your group...

Later, looking at the pictures, you didn’t even remember what you saw exactly because you didn’t hear it, you were crowded, or you weren’t exactly interested in that part.

This is why many of us would stick to personalised vacation, even though it still does not guarantee the perfect holiday...

You are traveling with family, friends or your partner, and the situation is familiar: you set out with confidence to see the city, you have a map and everything is on the net anyway.

Indeed, and also the opposite of everything. And a romantic stroll is getting ruined by the constant searching to figure out what bridge you’re walking on right now, if you don’t find your way while looking between conflicting articles or when the map doesn’t update right away.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you really didn’t have to deal with anything but just exploring the scene, in your own pace?

Therefore we’ve created the perfect combo of organized travels and personalised trips!

You set your own program, deciding what to look at, where, how much time to spend while still getting the information, insights, and interesting background stories that a guided tour can provide!


New York


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You will have your own guide, but you can turn it off and listen again at any time…

You are not just reading a review from a blogger or influencer who may be visiting the site for the first time and knows maybe a little more about it than you or the first few items on the Google results list…

You will have tour guides with confident locality and background knowledge providing useful tips and advice besides the curiosities.

After all, you put the online description or audio aside whenever you want and you can focus 100% on the experience of traveling and sightseeing.

The reason why more and more people choose to travel with Don Daddy...

they can enjoy their time flexibly, at their own pace

they do not have to adapt to an entire group

our tour guide base is constantly growing, so you can get to know the landmarks of the world from several points of view

both free and paid content

materials available online from guides around the world

I cannot promise that this will make your holiday unforgettable…

Even I’m not saying that it’s not worth going on a trip without Don Daddy because that’s the only way to make your vacation perfect.

That wouldn’t be true, as it’s mostly up to you, and we’ll just help you to make the time spent there an experience and you rather not to spend your days wandering aimlessly or rushing after your group.

Real information, from an authentic source - just as if your private guide was sitting next to you!

Select your destination and choose from a variety of demonstrations, descriptions and online guides!

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DonDaddy is chosen by those, who…

they would rather organize their travel and programs for themselves.

they prefer to take the lead in a group than the role of a tourist.

they like to explore the city alone and dive into the local life.

Our online tour guide offers you a solution halfway between your own organization and an organized trip, so you will benefit from both.

Why would you pay for a tour guide when you can even find every landmark on the net by yourself?

If your principal idea is to make your trip as cheap as possible and you are reluctant to pay for anything but basic necessities, this is still for you.

Start browsing the app, find our free content and choose from the guides of our tour guides.

If the experience is important to you, if you really want to get to know your destination so that years later, not only beautiful photos from the trip remain, then

Choose your destination and we will provide the guide the way you want!

To be fair, we can’t travel now, or if we do, our options are very limited… but it doesn’t mean not to be wandering a bit around the world at least virtually… and on the other hand the virus situation will not last forever either… So it’s time to plan your next trip!

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