How could you make a museum, gallery, or landmark visit more enjoyable so that people leave with greater experiences and satisfaction?


If you’re having difficulty achieving higher revenues despite the challenges of today’s world, then read on because this page is for you.

Museums have been facing serious problems lately:

Despite the decrease in funding and budget contributions, museums need to find ways to raise money and sustain their operations.

Need to strike a balance between the demand for accessibility and the need to protect their collections.

They need to find ways to use digitization to improve the visitor experience and increase access to their collections.

Ultimately, museums must maintain and enhance the positive visitor experience.


Imagine a future where you can get rid of constantly worrying about...

how to overcome the economic difficulties a little bit,

come up with new services that satisfy visitor needs,

how to reach more potential visitors,

what to do that is low-cost and achieves immediate impact on visitor satisfaction,

what to do with the growing demand for digital access?

Imagine a future where

you can generate extra revenue,

you may have greater opportunities to organize new exhibitions,

you can more easily reach young people,

you can improve access to collections,

you can provide a positive visitor experience,

you get an excellent marketing tool in your hands.

How did all of this start?

Spain, August, scorching heat. As an enthusiastic family, we arrived in an unknown city and immediately felt completely lost. What should we do here? Where are any sights? Nevermind, let’s just start walking and figure it out somehow…

The search was already accompanied by a little doubt whether it was worth coming here when we spotted the ruins of a church. Finally, we are in the right place. Audio guides could be rented at the ticket office. When I saw this, I immediately reached for my phone with the aim that I don’t need an audio guide, I can find everything on my phone. Then I immediately realized that this is not the case. Maybe all the data can be found on the internet, but it is not at all certain that they are in one place, and I was not in the mood to gather the most interesting information, who knows how long that would take. Later, I found various mobile audio guides that someone had prepared. These did not solve my problem either because they were either terribly boring or told the usually template information in such a way that I preferred to turn them off.

Why aren't there any interesting and entertaining contents that could be easily purchased?

Where are those exciting stories, lesser-known but fascinating facts that provide a fun way to get to know a place?

Who could do that?

Where else but at the museum, exhibition place, or attraction itself? Who would know better than them what is worth knowing about the place!

Then why isn’t there accessible digital content that could be used even on mobile devices? I conducted a survey, from which the following four important explanations emerged:

Some museums and exhibition sites do not invest enough resources into digitizing their content, or they lack the necessary expertise to do so.

Producing and maintaining digital content can involve significant costs, which may be difficult for many museums and exhibition spaces to afford due to limited funding.

They do not appreciate digital content enough and believe that it cannot replace the live experience. In addition, there are those who think that digital content is only uninteresting to the older generation and do not see the demand for digital content created for younger generations.

The content is boring. My conversation partners quickly realized that it is not difficult to create entertaining and interesting content. A story can be exciting regardless of whether it is told orally or created in digital form

In response to these issues, we have created Don Daddy, a mobile application that allows you to create your own audioguides for free. Your visitors can purchase them from you and be entertained as they are guided through your location, where you can also share the most exciting stories with them.

Images from the application

With this mobile app…

You can enhance the experience and increase revenue as well.

Registration and content creation are both free of charge (there are no hidden costs).

You can create your own audioguide about any landmark in the world (including your own museum or exhibition space, or any other selected landmark).

The database of attractions can be easily expanded (even if the selected museum/attraction is not included, it can be quickly added).

You can create content for remote landmarks as well (there are virtually no limits to your imagination).

The content can be created in any language (you can reach a larger audience).

There is no quantity limit (once you create the content, you can translate it into any other language, so the content can be easily duplicated and the offering can be multiplied).

You can create the most exciting content ever, which visitors will love.

You can create entertaining content in different styles for different age groups (everyone can find something that matches their interests).

Every visitor can proceed at their own comfortable pace (stop, look around, discuss what they see with their companions).

Trackable revenue (You can continuously monitor purchases and track the popularity of content).

You can generate extra revenue (making it easier to plan for the future).

There are no technical issues (it cannot be lost, broken, run out of battery, malfunction, or deteriorate).

Everyone uses their own device (there is no risk of infection, and you don't need to constantly disinfect anything).

There is no problem with the sound quality (provides a better experience and satisfaction for visitors).

An audioguide that doesn't cost money, but makes money (results in immediate return on investment).

It works even when the museum is closed (you can be sleeping and it can still generate revenue).

It works offline too (no need for a wifi network).

Don Daddy is the first and only social audio guide mobile application, where you can create your own content about any landmark in the world, which can not only increase your visibility, but also generate revenue for you easily.

Don’t forget why it is worth joining us!

It brings revenue to you.

You can easily enhance the visitor experience with entertaining and exciting content.

You don't have to invest money in audio guide devices.

Others are developing and modernizing because they have a larger budget, thus reaching a larger audience and providing a better visitor experience. The sooner you join us and create your entertaining content, the sooner you can elevate the visitor experience to a higher level and start generating revenue.

What will happen to you:


1., Sign up!

2., You will receive a video on how to create content easily.

3., You can create your complete entertaining content for any age group in any language for free.

4., Once it's done, customers can start coming in.

5., You will receive 3+1 free tips on how to achieve greater revenue.

6., The money will arrive soon in your account.


Does digital content take away people's jobs?
  • What you can’t tell during a regular guided tour, you can provide extra content to visitors, thus achieving a greater experience and commitment from them.
  • Even if the guide is on vacation or falls ill, life doesn’t stop.
  • Visitors can still get information when the museum is closed.
  • In case of multiple group arrivals, you can provide an instant solution without having to make them wait.
What should I pay attention to when creating content?
  • It’s up to you how interestingly you tell the story.
  • Tell a story in which visitors can immerse themselves.
  • Provide comparable data for quantities so that people can think about it.
  • Try to support your message with as many pictures as possible and refer to the pictures in the presentation.
  • You can create different content for different age groups, which can make the visit much more interesting for all ages.
How can I create exciting and interesting content?
  • Research thoroughly the history and cultural background of the landmark to better understand and make the content more interesting.
  • Use various formats such as stories, anecdotes, questions, humorous remarks, or trivia.
  • Don’t just provide dry facts, try to use a more personal tone, and share your own experiences and opinions.
  • Try to support your message with as many pictures as possible and refer to the pictures in the presentation.

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